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Shepherd's Journey

As you read this, shepherds like Narender Kaith from Himachal Pradesh are preparing for
their annual journey from Kinnaur to Pin Valley, a tradition rooted in necessity and devotion. Each year, around mid-June, a group of 8-10 herdsmen leads a flock of approximately 1500-1600

sheep and goats for a trail that extends beyond 100 kilometres. This journey, while visually
breathtaking, is fraught with challenges as the shepherds cover snow-covered paths, riverbeds,
and rugged terrain.

This arduous expedition spans more than eight weeks and requires meticulous preparation for the journeys, to and fro. The herdsmen carry essentials such as bedding, food, utensils, and blankets, knowing that their basic routines will be dictated by the unpredictable terrain. They endure this journey to reach the verdant pastures of Pin Valley, where nutrient-rich grass abounds, believed to enhance the health and strength of their flock.

The trek to Pin Valley typically takes about 18 days. Upon arrival, the shepherds split into two
groups: one remains with the flock while the other returns home to Kinnaur. Those who stay
ensure the animals graze for a month, maximising their nutrition before the return journey.
Despite the inherent risks, the shepherds embrace this annual trek out of profound respect and
love for their animals.

Their bond with the flock is a testament to their belief that their livelihoods and achievements are intertwined with the well-being of their herd. This journey, though challenging, is a labour of love, underscoring the shepherds’ unwavering dedication to their way of life.


Director and Cinematographer:
Saravana Kumar Editors: Saravana Kumar, PV Rampraasanth, Yash Khaire
Sound Design:
Praveen Raj
Sound Mix & Mastering:
Yash Khaire
Narrated by:
Narender Kaith
Creative team:
Rachana Dubey and Sainath Uskaikar
Post Production Assistants:
Darshit Dalvi, Pratik Basankar
Executive Producer:
Lynette D’Mello
For Studio Virtual Bharat
Jawahar Sharma
Anagha Acharekar
Krishika Gandhi
Kiran Santra
Prakash Bamne
Sayan Debnath
Kannan Iyer
Shamika Vedak
Trupti Amrite
Special Thanks:
Jaith Ram
Produced by Studio Virtual Bharat

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