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Ramnami In the Name of Ram Devotion. Defiance. Etched in indelible ink. Banished from the temple of their deity, the Ramnamis made their bodies their temple. Inscribed on every inch of their skin is a single utterance: RAM. View Full Story

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Haldhar Nag The People’s Poet People’s poet. Odisha’s pride. Class 3 dropout. Padma Shri… One man in the remote village of Ghens in Sambalpur writes in a dying language called Kosli. Yet, with his immortal words, he turns poison into the nectar of life. View Full Story

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Thaalam Rhythm Of The Nation Thaalam – the Malayalam word for rhythm. The phenomenon that makes 150 men come together at the Chundan Vallam races, rowing their boat as one entity. Postmen, farmers, shopkeepers and school teachers, united by a common rhythm. View Full Story

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