Virtual Bharat

About Us

An immersive 1000 film journey of India, Virtual Bharat is culture on the cloud.

Her people, poetry, dance, music, landscapes, architecture and folklore are all testaments to the timelessness of a thriving civilisation that began at the banks of the Indus so many millennia ago. The never-ending story of India is being told story by story, human by human, emotion by emotion to a generation empowered by access to anything they want to see and heart at a tap.

Built for empathy, for knowledge, for pride, for self-respect, for deep mutual respect, Virtual Bharat is the story of our infinite identity, presented with an unprecedented coming together of culture, content and technology.

Our Vision

Virtual Bharat is a digital vault of India’s diverse culture. The intention is to have a cultural exchange enabled by experimental content. To have film makers, editors, writers and sound designers all come together to tell a story with an open space. Turning into a complete creative Adda of collaborative talent that aids creative innovation in the new digital space. The mission is to preserve wisdom, make culture relevant and inspire change via content that entertains and educates.